Wednesday, August 14, 2013

HIV-Positive Woman sentenced to 1 year in prison for raping 2 teen aged boys

via WLWT:
An East Price Hill woman pleaded guilty to having sex with two teenage boys on New Year’s Eve, even though she is HIV-positive.

Candance Morris admitted Monday to four counts of sexual contact with minors and sentenced to one year in prison. Investigators said the 32-year-old Morris engaged in oral sex and intercourse with the boys.

WLWT spoke with the mother of one of the teens. She said she once thought of Morris as a friend.

“The kids called her auntie. She was like an aunt,” said the mom who wants to remain anonymous.

But that quickly changed after the family’s New Year’s Eve party.

“We were all partying. Me and my mate fell asleep and she was up with the kids. So after we fell asleep it was a party for her,” she said.

The mother said the boys stepped forward the next day and the family called the police to report what happened. Police said Morris also admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking vodka, beer and champagne that night. Morris initially said the teens took advantage of her, but her guilty plea allowed her to avoid a possible 30-year prison term.

After she serves her one-year sentence, Morris must register as a sex offender for 25 years. She also was forced to give up custody of her own child.

“I just wish she got more time. That year is not justified. Justice was not served, it was not,” said the mom.

The teens have thus far tested negative for the virus that can cause AIDS.

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