Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why Is Khia Still Relevant?

Khia Disses Beyonce

So I recently read an article, with Khia dissing Beyoncé! My question is why is Khia still relevant. I haven't heard anything from her since "My Neck. My Back" and although the song was hot, it wasn't hot enough to keep her ass around. So why does she feel like she even has the right to say anything about somebody such as Beyoncé. Anyway the article basically said that Beyoncé steals, saying the whole "Beehive" movement came from Lil Kim, who by the way is no longer relevant either. Smh!! Needless to say people like Khia need to find themselves a hobby and just let the people who's actually making money and music do their thing, clearly she's not doing neither.

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