Saturday, June 22, 2013

Like This Was A Surprise

Shay Johnson, from Atlanta's "Love  Hip Hop" formally of "Flavor of Love" says show was fake. Well Duh, who the hell is surprised by that. Im not, that's for damn sure. What woman in her right mind wants to have anything to do with Flava Flave? He's ugly as shit and just looks disgusting. Anywho here is what Shay had to say about the show.

Shay Johson Says

"It was a show and when I was on the show ‘Flavor Of Love’, I was trying to win the title as the winner," she explained. "Because we were told during the taping that the longer you’re on the show the more relevant you will be. So we didn’t give a damn about Flav. ‘Flav you’re cool peoples,’ but it wasn’t about that. It was a show and I’m a very competitive person and I was trying to win the title. That’s it. Not him.”

All this coming from a woman nicknamed " Bucky" who's on yet another reality show trying to stay relevant. Okay then Shay, do ya thing we aint mad at ya. Lol.

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