Friday, May 10, 2013

No Glove, No Love! Scary Sex Super-Bug Comes to America!

This is serious people, this is nothing to play with. It doesn't matter if you "think" you're in a committed relationship please protect yourselves and the people you have sex with. Safe Sex or No Sex!

From NEWS 92 FM — Health officials have confirmed that 2 cases of a sex super-bug have surfaced in Hawaii. According to Hawaii News Now, the bug is a resistant strain of gonorrhea. Danny Mata reports about the startling new sex scare–and how to take action now! (Hint: Don’t be a fool… wrap ya tool!)

“The CDC is asking Congress for $50 million to find a new antibiotic to treat the disease. The sex superbug was first discovered in Japan but there are now confirmed cases of infection in Hawaii and California.”
Dr. Catherine Troisi is with the UT Health and Science Center and she says that it’s concerning, but still treatable.

She recommends that Americans follow the same safe sex practices as always. Use protection and get tested for STDs with your partner.

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