Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mashonda Rocks Alicia Keys' Sneakers

                                    Swizz's Ex Posts Pics Wearing Singer's Custom Reeboks

Mashonda Rocks Alicia Keys' Sneakers

Is Mashonda finally putting the fact that Alicia Keys stole her husband behind her?
Mashonda posted an Instagram pic of her wearing a pair of A-Key’s custom-designed Reeboks, surprising fans who undoubtedly recall how bitter her split from Swizz Beatz was and how much shade she threw on the Grammy-winning superstar for her role in that divorce. And many of her Instagram followers had nothing but high praise for her "maturity."
Both Mashonda and Alicia Keys have children with Swizzy at this point, so maybe she's making nice for the sake of the little ones? Still, wearing your ex-husband's new wife's signature sneaker is going a bit far to extend an olive branch

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