Friday, May 10, 2013

A$AP Rocky Talks About Groupie Love

                                                      ''I'm Trying To Be Good''

A$AP Rocky Talks About Groupie Love

A$AP Rocky enjoys groupies, as he revealed during a recent appearance on Hot 97s "The Angie Martinez Show." The Harlem native offered his own take on the rapper-groupie relationship and shared some words of advice for artists.
"I'm trying to be good, I'm trying to stay out of trouble," Rocky said. "Miscellaneous, strange girls are trouble. You don't even know what ulterior motives they have. I don't be trusting girls. It's like you be chilling with girls and after y'all do something, they be wanting pictures. Just stay away from girls that are going to get me in trouble. I'm not going to say, don't smash groupies, I'm just saying try to be as careful as you can. Just try to be careful. I'm trying not to be reckless at all. It's hard, especially when they're throwing it at you. It's nothing like being young and just having the power to bone any chick you want. I always felt like I could bone any chick I want, so it ain't nothing new. Now it's just guaranteed

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