Sunday, May 19, 2013

50 Cent's Cousin Says Rapper Starts Beefs

                                                         ''I Deal With That Sh*t''

50 Cent's Cousin Says Rapper Starts Beefs

50 Cent revealed in a recent interview that he's not a fan of his cousin Continental Five or the rapper's music because he feels Continental is emulating 50's former lifestyle without having actually lived through the same experiences. Continental Five spoke about 50 Cent in an interview with Forbez DVD.
“Whatever stories you hear about this n***a, I deal with it on an everyday basis," Continental explained. "I deal with that sh*t. So, when he’s gone and doing the rap sh*t and he’s starting the beef and he’s igniting all that, I’m still here…I’ve been paranoid. I don’t be out like that because—I’m worried about if a n***a would try to do it. None of the beef that I’m gripped up for or be running around with is not mines. I’m not outside starting trouble. This is somebody else’s problems I inherited.”
“So, to a n***a listening, nobody’s trying to be a gangster. I want to get the f**k away from this. I’m trying to do my thing,” said Continental. “So, when you see me rapping it’s not me rapping about trying to portray something. No n***a, this what’s gon’ get me to get the fuck out the situation because I’m still in that situation. So, while you’re in your bulletproof and you good and you somewhere else, the reality is I still gotta deal with the sh*t that comes with your issues.”

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