Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wiz & Amber Catch Heat For "Pot Socks"

                                                              ''Like Father Like Son''

Wiz & Amber Catch Heat For

Amber Rose recently posted pics of her baby son "Bash" wearing socks with marijuana leaves on them. The caption under the pic read “Like father like son #HUFsocks :-) .” The public reaction was a mix of outrage and understanding.
Talk show host Wendy Williams voiced her opinion on the minor controversy.
"So here’s my thought: Sebastian is only less than two months old and I get it that Wiz loves to smoke his weed, I get it that marijuana is about to soon be legalized everywhere but I think it’s going too far by posting this picture," she said. "And I”m no cornball, I’m a cool lady especially at home when I do at home things, but there’s some things that are supposed to be at home things. If you want to have the kid wear his marijuana leaves on his socks like that [...] that’s closed door conversation. Oh you crazy kids…"

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