Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ciara Opens Up To Jenny McCarthy

                                                                    ''I'm Tappin' That''

Ciara Opens Up To Jenny McCarthy

R&B star Ciara made an appearance on comedic actress Jenny McCarthy's VH1 talk show and opened up a little bit about her personal life. As to be expected, the conversation immediately went straight to Ciara's relationship with rap star Future.
Jenny asked if she saw a future with Future.
"Absolutely.[...]I’m tappin’ that," Ciara replied, but got shy when McCarthy asked if black men are as "well-endowed" as believed. "I’m not saying anything!"
And she wouldn't talk about how long she and Future have been "official." "I don’t like to say the exact time. It is less than a year but it’s so funny because time is going by so fast we’re close to it.",?p> And how long is too long to wait?
"I think you wait until it feels right," Ciara said--too which Jenny suggested eight hours. "Eight hours is too soon. Then you go home by yourself and do some naughty things. You have to refrain from the temptation

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