Friday, April 19, 2013

Afrika Bambaataa's Reps Deny Stabbing Story

                                                                         ''It Is BS''

Afrika Bambaataa's Reps Deny Stabbing Story

Crazy stories have been floating around for the past several days regarding hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa and an alleged stabbing. The rumors claimed that the famed Zulu Nation founder was stabbed by a man after drugging him and attempting oral sex.
Bam's people, however, strongly deny any such incident took place.
“It is BS,” photographer Ernie Paniccioli said to AllHipHop. “To hell with anyone who defames a man who has devoted his life to Peace and dignity and who has been a beacon to generations of our youth.”
Bam's manager, Ahmad Henderson, also shot down the story. “Ridiculous. There are too many rumors. Bam checked into the hospital for chest pains. And he came out fine. Three days later he was Radio City Music Hall. If he was stabbed how, was he on stage performing?” Henderson said

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