Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wendy Williams Speaks On Brown vs Ocean

                                     ''Why Are You Guys Fighting Over A Parking Spot?''

Wendy Williams Speaks On Brown vs Ocean

Talk show host Wendy Williams decided to add her two cents to the running commentary on the fight between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean. While acknowledging her surprise at Ocean being involved in the brawl, she also admitted that the public is starting to expect the worst from Chris Brown.
"Frank, I'm surprised. You don't seem like a stuff starter. Why would you start something with Chris Brown?" Williams said.
"You've just done so much in your short life, that is not popular in the court of public opinion, that we believe you're guilty of everything they say," she added. "Chris, I hope you're not guilty but right now, especially in that picture, yeah. Why are you guys fighting over a parking spot?"
"Even if you couldn't park in the space you wanted to park in, parking five spaces over is not going to have you walking miles to get to the front door," Williams remarked. "I will park on the other side of the moon before I get into it with you."

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