Monday, January 7, 2013

Rihanna Posts Angry Pic

                                                                ''I Don't Give A F**k''

Rihanna Posts Angry Pic

Rihanna and Chris Brown were photographed out and about in Los Angeles, and the pics seemed to kick off a little bit of controversy--as both undoubtedly knew that they would. But because angry and taunting comments were posted on her Instagram page, Rihanna decided to post an angry photo to let the "haters" know exactly how she felt.
"I Don't Really Give A F**k," read the image.
Obviously, she does care or she wouldn't go the trouble of responding. Or at least, she and her boo-thang Breezy wouldn't insist on inviting the world into their every moment by constantly posting pictures on social media sites to bait controversy. Of course, the paps are going to get theirs, but after months of over-sharing, stop acting like you're so angry now, Rihanna

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