Monday, January 7, 2013

Raqi Thunder Blasts Joe Budden

                                                        ''Joe Does Have A Problem...''

Raqi Thunder Blasts Joe Budden

Raqi Thunder is among the new stars of "Love & Hip Hop" this upcoming season, and she appeared on Hot 97 to discuss the show and her history with rapper (and fellow "Love & Hip Hop" castmember) Joe Budden.
"They're definitely gonna get at me. I'm the top dog," Raqi declared about the other people on the show. When she was asked about her relationship with Joe Budden, she had jokes regarding the rapper's lifestyle. "Joe is still sleeping on Target sheets," she said. "I've slept on those rough sheets several times."
Raqi was asked if Joe got physical with her and she indicated that he did and it would appear on the show.
"We did have a moment--a very strong moment--and that will be on the show," she said. "I won't necessarily say that [he hit me.] But we had a moment." "Joe has dated Tahiry for a very long time and he's very protective of her. Things got a little spicy. Joe, to me is always on some thing. The entire cast is on something. You have to be saucy to do a reality show."
When pressed about what the cast was "on," Raqi got evasive.
"It depends on the character, who are we talking about?" she said, before admitting Budden has issues. "Joe does have a problem. Joe has had several issues with drugs through his entire life." "I'm sure he was poppin' mollys and sweatin'

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