Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nicki Minaj Admits She "Had" A Temper

                                                     ''I'm On the Road To Recovery''

Nicki Minaj Admits She

Nicki Minaj has gotten something of a reputation for being well...kinda b*tchy. The Young Money rapper and "American Idol" host spoke about her infamous blow-up with Mariah Carey this past fall and told Jay Leno that she's working to change her temperament.
"I’m one of her biggest fans in the world, darling," she said of Mariah. "It definitely wasn’t a fake feud, that I can say for a fact. It’s just one of those weird things you’d have to see to get it. A lot of it starts off with us just joking but we are passionate, and both crazy and then sometimes it just goes *makes cat noise*."
"I wouldn’t say I have a temper," she added, bashfully. "Last year, I did. In 2013 baby, I am on the road to recovery. Yes ma’am

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