Friday, January 18, 2013

Kim Kardashian Is Over the Baby Advice

                                             ''It Can't Really Help All That Much''

Kim Kardashian Is Over the Baby Advice

Since the world discovered she was pregnant with Kanye West's baby, everyone has seemingly wanted to offer reality star Kim Kardashian advice. R&B star Brandy reluctantly put her two cents in, as did "Jersey Shore" star Snooki.
But Kimmy K shared in an interview with MTV that all of the 'tips' don't really mean much in terms of how she's handling her pregnancy.
"I think I've had a really good example by watching Kourtney for sure on how to juggle motherhood and a career and a great relationship and stuff like that," Kim said. "But I think you're never really prepared until you go through it yourself, so all the advice, it can't really help that much."

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