Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Juelz Santana Promises New Dipset Song

                                       Rapper Hints That Album May Be Forthcoming

Juelz Santana Promises New Dipset Song

Juelz Santana revealed in an interview with Fuse that he has a new song recorded with his Diplomats affiliates, Jim Jones and Cam'ron. He recorded another song with Jones for his "God Will'n" mixtape, but says that the track with Jim and Cam will be released as a Dipset single.
"I'ma just put it to you like this: you know Jim was on the mixtape, he recorded ['Both Sides (God Will'n)'] with me and Durk," he said. "We actually did another record before that, it was a decision - not a decision, but a question of which was going on my tape. So we wound up saying, 'You know what? Why don't we just…put you on that one with Durk'…the [other] record we have, he got a verse on it, I got a verse on it, and [Jim] said he's gonna take it to Cam, and have Cam put a verse on it. Hopefully that will be the start of…a Diplomat album; it's possible to happen."

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