Friday, January 18, 2013

Chilli's Finally Over Usher?

                                                          ''It Was the Wrong Timing''

Chilli's Finally Over Usher?

Chilli famously searched for love on her former VH1 reality show, "What Chilli Wants." The former TLC member spoke to talk show host Wendy Williams about the show, and whether or not she's over her most famous ex, fellow singing star Usher.
"It wasn’t just to be seen on the TV or anything like that," she said about the show. "Honestly, for me, I just want women to know their self worth. I want women, and women of color especially, to be okay with stepping outside of the box. I love all men. Black, White, Indian, Asian, whatever."
And as far as Usher--she said they're on good terms now.
"We’re friends. We did have a good relationship," she said. "As every relationship, you have your issues but I kind of think it was the wrong timing."
Would she still be open to getting back with him?
"I think somebody needs to give me a cold pop!" she said jokingly. "Ain’t nobody got time for that

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