Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 Bedroom Games to Rev Up Your Sex Life

No matter how strong your bond, life inevitably intervenes now and then and pushes sex to the back burner. But sometimes all you need to get past those phases ‑- and don't worry, they're only phases ‑- is a little something to kick you out of your routine and jumpstart your sexual desire. That's where these innovative sex games come into play. So put down those dishes or turn off the TV; right now it's game on!

Driving Miss Diva

In this game, you're in control. Tell him he's going to be your chauffeur for the evening ‑- if you're really feeling brave, even tell him to wear black pants and a white dress shirt. Climb into the backseat and tell him to chauffeur you to a sex shop. Make him wait in the car with the engine running while you run in and buy yourself a new vibe. Slip it into your purse so he can't see your new purchase. No matter how much he begs you to show him, don't! Next, go out for a drink, and tease him about your naughty purchase. Can he guess what it is? On your way home, break out your new toy and pleasure yourself with it in the backseat. Give him a play-by-play on how good it feels. Then once you get home, grab him and go primal. Shag like rock stars. Make history.

Naughty Nurse

This game puts the "play" in role play. Put on a white bra, panties, garter and stockings. Tell your "patient" to disrobe and get ready for his examination. Get into your role by being completely clinical. Put your ear to his chest so you can listen to his heartbeat. Stroke his manhood and tell him you need to check to make sure all his private parts are in working order. Once he is fully erect, tell him you need to take a semen sample. But since you're all out of plastic cups, he'll need to ejaculate in you! Mount your man, then ride him until you've collected your sample ‑- and have, of course, experienced a siren-blaring, hospital-quaking O of your own.

Lights Out

Bring two flashlights to bed and turn out all the lights. Hand your lover a flashlight and ask him to illuminate the parts of his body that he'd most like you to lick. Tell him to shine the spotlight on you as you lick them, so he doesn't miss watching a single minute of the action. Then shine your flashlight on your moan zones you'd like him to kiss and nibble, too. And when you make love, point the seductive spotlights down south so you don't miss a second of the penetrating action. Talk about shedding some light...

Be a Big Wig

Ready for a mock ménage à trois? Tonight, wigs will help you transform into two different women between the sheets. Early in the evening, hide two wigs and a silk blindfold under your pillow. Later when you're heading to bed, leave a light on; he'll want to fully appreciate what's going to happen next. Secure the blindfold in place, and whisper that your friend Janine (or make up a name) is coming over... and you hope he likes blondes. Put on the wig and kiss him again. Let him feel the long locks against his chest. Slowly take off his blindfold and let him take you in. Stick his hand in his boxers, and ask him if he's ever been seduced by a blonde before. Give him a little oral teasing. After he's nice and hard, put his blindfold back on and tell him that now your friend Cindy (or make up another name) is coming over.

Put on the next wig. Introduce yourself as Cindy and tell him that Janine said he was good in bed ‑- but you wanted to see for yourself. Take his blindfold off, and let him take in every inch of beautiful brunette you. Command him to lick you down there. Tell him you're going to tell his wife/girlfriend how well he follows orders. Once he's licked you to satisfaction (but before you hit your O), tell him to stop. Sit on his lap and put his blindfold back on. Tell him you're going to send his wife/girlfriend back home and that he'd better confess what he's been up to tonight. Get up and take off the wig. Open and shut the door for effect. Then stomp over and rip off his blindfold. Give him a nice, long kiss and tell him you heard he's been naughty tonight. Tell him that, even though you were willing to share him with the other girls, you're the only one who can truly push him over the edge. Then prove yourself right.

Ear Candy

Did you know that your man's ears can be one of his most sensitive erogenous zones? It's true ‑- and it can work in your favor (your sexual favor, natch). Steal your man's iPod and download some erotic short stories onto it. Tell him you've got something special for him to listen to at the end of this long, hard day (emphasis on long and hard), then hand him the cued-up iPod. On his way home from the office, call his cell to make sure he is doing his "homework." Then casually mention that you're listening to the same story right this second ‑- and touching yourself. He'll be so eager to get home, it will be a miracle if he doesn't get a speeding ticket. Once he finally arrives, reenact the sexy Pod-nographic stories together. The rest of the night will be music to both your ears!

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