Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meek Mill Drops Cassidy Diss

                                               ''Now These Old N***as Mad At Me...''

Meek Mill Drops Cassidy Diss

Cassidy released the Meek Mill-dissing "Me, Myself & iPhone" last week, and Mill has responded with his own diss track, "Repo." The two Philly rappers have been trading insults on Twitter for weeks, and despite both initially pulling back from attacking each other in rhyme, the lyrical beef is now fully on.
Check Out Meek Mill's Cassidy Diss HERE On HipHopBlog's Homepage.
"You talkin' 'bout a battle rap? How you gon' handle that?" Meek raps. "Hundred grand p***y n***a? You ain't got the time for that--You ain't got the stacks for that. You know what we laughin' at."
"Whatchu made this year, whatchu worth n***a? I dropped Dreams & Nightmares, I made 'Church,' n***a," he continues. "I did 'I'ma Boss' young'n set the summer off. Now these old n***as mad at me 'cause they fallin' off."

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