Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tahiry Blasts Joe Budden

                                              ''Without Me U Have No Story...''

Tahiry Blasts Joe Budden

Joe Budden mentioned his ex-girlfriend, video vixen Tahiry, on his latest mixtape, "A Loose Quarter," and apparently she was not amused. The voluptuous model hopped on Twitter and went off on her ex-beau in a lengthy rant about his continued references to her.
"Flattered that @joebudden keeps rapping about me ... Acting like I can't get over him. knowing that I keep him relevant," she tweeted. "@joebudden feed the audience what u want I fight VH1 every episode they try to feed me with your sorry a**. U need ..."
"@joebudden once said the one with the biggest mic wins!!! That's why u talk your sh*t... Well you have just me" her rant continued. "VH1 episode ... Ha, without me u have no story.... Lets go.... Lie, it's what u do best!!!!!"
"Matter fact I'm done tweeting. Imma see u !!!! @joebudden believe that. I warned u!!!" she decreed.
But she wasn't done.
"Mad b*tches and still rapping about me!!!! And I'm the one no over him amazing !!! Lmao. Off to bed!!!!" she claimed. "@joebudden great chess move... I'm up next tho'"
"Ya see as me caring about the n***a. I'm just tired off him using me. Let me goooo move on or at least act like it d*mn," she added. "I'm waiting @joebudden... Talk yo sh*t... Lets go tweet , rap , interview.... Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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