Monday, November 19, 2012

Shyne Says 50 Cent Snitched On Irv Gotti

                                                ''NYPD Was Holding Him Down''

Shyne Says 50 Cent Snitched On Irv Gotti

Shyne is alleging that hip hop superstar 50 Cent has had long-standing ties with the NYPD and claims that 50 helped the authorities in their investigation of former Murder Inc. head Irv Gotti and he also helped convict notorious drug dealer Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff.
“When I met [50 Cent] he was writing raps for Diddy on [Diddy's album] Forever," Shyne told AllHipHop. "This was after Gotti and them poked him up in the Hit Factory and he ran to the cops and got a order of protection. He was walking around with a group of police, NYPD was holding him down. I swear to God he was in Daddy’s House in the lounge and he had security. He hadn’t sold one record. He hadn’t even put an album out...50 Cent was nobody, nobody knew who he was. He was hiding from Iv Gotti and Murder Inc. He’s the reason that Irv got indicted. He’s the reason that Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff is in prison for the rest of his life.”

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