Monday, November 19, 2012

Miley Cyrus Flirts With Mack Maine

                                                        ''Cause I'm Sooooo Damn Cute''

Miley Cyrus Flirts With Mack Maine

Mack Maine famously quipped that he wanted the then-teenage Miley Cyrus to "holla at" him in a few years on Young Money's 2009 hit "Every Girl." It looks like he got his wish, sort of, when the two engaged in a little playful Twitter-flirting.
"@mackmaine wait? Haha why is my face your profile picture?," Miley tweeted to Maine.
????>>>you know why!!!," Maine tweeted back.
"@mackmaine cause I'm sooooo damn cute" (Miley added.
yes u are!! And it's been 3yrs!!!!" Maine reminded the 21 year old.

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