Sunday, November 25, 2012

J. Cole Expects Album Delay

                                      Rapper Has Ambitious Plans For ''Born Sinner''

J. Cole Expects Album Delay

J. Cole envisions that his highly-anticipated sophomore album Born Sinner may arrive later than some fans would like. Part of what may delay the Roc Nation rapper's project is its scope, as Cole has mentioned that he has an ambitious vision for the album.
There has been talk of a short film being produced to coincide with the project. "Something way more expansive than a music video," he claims.
Cole has described the album as "the story of corruption -- corruption of an artist when commercial appeal is involved, or corruption of a relationship when temptation is involved, or corruption of a government when capitalism is involved."
"It's a lot of things," Cole told Billboard. "I don't want anybody to think it's so heavy, but it deals with those things."

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