Monday, November 5, 2012

Flav or Flav Caught Cheating

                                       Rapper Photographed With Mysterious Woman

Flavor Flav Caught Cheating

The fight that erupted at Flavor Flav's home two weeks ago, that led to the Public Enemy hypeman being arrested and charged with assault, reportedly began when his fiance, Elizabeth Trujillo, suspected that Flav was cheating. Well, it looks like there was something to her suspicions.
RumorFlix discovered a photo of Flav and a woman that is alleged to be his mistress.
The photo, which is of Flavor Flav kissing the mysterious blonde, is reportedly from just hours before he and Trujillo got into their nasty altercation. The fight led to Flav pulling a knife on Trujillo and her teenage son.

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