Sunday, November 25, 2012

50 Cent Still Supporting Chief Keef

                                      ''I'm A Get Everything Back In Place For Him''

50 Cent Still Supporting Chief Keef

50 Cent tweeted his frustration and confusion last week after Chicago rapper Chief Keef failed to show up for his first major video shoot for the single "Hate Being Sober." But 50 seems to still support the young rapper, tweeting that he doesn't believe Keef has done irreparable damage to his career.
"@ChiefKeef is my boy I'm a get everything back in place for him. They were gonna just throw him out," 50 said, referring to Keef's relationship with his label, Interscope Records.
50 went on to tweet that he believes that Keef should put better people on his team.
"I told them at intrescope its not him," 50 claimed. "He just has the wrong people around him."

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