Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sex positions: The High Dive

Great for

A more powerful orgasm

How does it work?

Anywhere horizontal is good for this position, although you may find the floor better as it gives a more solid base to lie on.

Start off by getting into the traditional 'woman-on-top' style (in fact, you might want to start off having sex in this position to get you going). Make sure your hands balance you by placing them on the floor either side of your man so you can gradually ease your legs out straight over his, hooking your toes on top of his feet to keep your legs out straight and secured - all the while ensuring that his penis stays inside you.

With your hands on the floor to either side of his chest, get your man to put his hands under yours and then support your weight and balance while you both bring your hands in to your elbows. Then lift your chest and stomach up and off of him.

Now move up and down at a speed that suits you - this is a great one for controlling your orgasm. Make sure you keep your legs straight, thighs taut and toes pressed against his feet - in theory this will give you a much stronger orgasm!

The turn-ons

Good for more intimate sex with a fun twist as you get to look into each other eyes. Plus, he gets a great view of your breasts.

The turn-offs

Both of you may find your arms might get tired from trying to support your upper body weight. He'll be able to thrust but not much else.

Difficulty rating: 2/5

It might take a little manoeuvring to start but then it's plain sailing.

Fun rating: 3/5

It's a slow burner but worth the build up!

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